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Welcome to Brum Phones! Are you tired of getting rejected for a mobile contract because of your bad credit score? Do you wish that you could figure out a way to get a mobile phone without having to wait for your credit score to go up? If so, then you have come to the right place. Brum Phones specializes in helping people who have poor credit get approved for a mobile contract. Through our website you will be able to see what kind of deals are available to people who have poor credit, and then apply for them straight through our site. The entire process is quick and simple. You can have a mobile phone before you know it, regardless of what your credit score may look like.

On our site you will find a few things. The first thing you'll see is that you can find out what kind of deals are available to people with bad credit. We work with all the major mobile companies to find out what kind of deals they are currently offering for people with bad credit. Then, if you see a deal that you like, you'll be able to apply for it without having to leave our site. The second thing you'll find on our site is plenty of information to help you out. We have articles ranging from how to improve your chances of getting approved for a contract, to the types of smartphones that are out there to help you make a better decision. All this is completely free for all of our visitors, so don't hesitate to browse around if you need more info regarding no credit check mobile phones or mobile phones in general.

You may be thinking “Well, if these companies are offering deals to people with bad credit, why can't I just go to them directly?” There are a few reasons why you want to stick with Brum Phones. First of all, the deals we show you are always marketed to the public. Mobile companies don't always give out this information, and so the only place you'll see it is on our site. Secondly, since we are only showing you deals for people with bad credit scores, you are more likely to get approved for one. If you just apply normally to a mobile company, then you are more likely to get rejected. Worst of all, rejection is bad for your credit score, and makes it harder to get a phone after that. By going with Brum Phones, you are going with a company that cares about getting you a mobile contract and will help anyone, no matter what your credit score may be.

Don't put off getting that phone you want any longer. Just because you have been denied in the past doesn't mean you can't get a mobile phone. Browse through our site and see if there is anything you like. We don't charge anything, so you really have nothing to lose. Thank you again for visiting Brum Phones, and we look forward to helping you get a mobile contract today.